Portfolio management

Project Portfolio Management – An Organisational Capability for Changing Your Trajectory

If an organisation is serious about changing its trajectory, to one that takes it to its target – as opposed to its default – future, then it needs to execute a portfolio of change initiatives. These initiatives – whether they

Managing Organisational Capabilities as a Portfolio

In this article David Trafford and Peter Boggis bring together the two powerful ideas of organisational capabilities and portfolio management. They argue that managing organisational capabilities as a portfolio enables leaders to create the conditions that increase the chances of

The Six Core Conditions for Change Success

David Trafford and Peter Boggis argue that one of the reasons for the poor success rate in delivering change is that leaders focus on the wrong future: the one they hope to get rather than the one they’re likely to

Beyond Default – Moving Your Organisation to an Improved Future

David Trafford explores why strategy implementation, transformational change and merger integration continues to be a challenge for many organisations, with a high proportion of these initiatives failing to deliver their intended outcomes. One explanation explored in this article is that

Making Informed Choices That Move Us Beyond Our Default Future

The choices we make today will determine our future, and the choices we made in the past have defined our present.

When it comes to delivering major change, research suggests that we haven’t always made the right choices. All too …

Developing Portfolio Management as an Organisational Capability

Peter Boggis argues that organisations can maximise the value of their change initiatives by managing them as an investment portfolio and that effective portfolio management is an organisational capability many organisations don’t yet have in place. He also believes that