Understanding and Improving Your Organisation’s Default Future

David Trafford argues that individuals, families, organisations and countries all have default futures: the place they will end up if they continue on the same path and take no action. He discusses the forces that determine the default future of

Establishing the Conditions for Change Success

David Trafford discusses the challenges faced by those responsible for delivering change and asks whether sufficient attention is given to putting the necessary conditions for change success in place.

It is widely acknowledged that only a very small proportion of …

Strategy – The World of Choices and their Implications

Peter Boggis discusses five questions that are central to the development of strategy. He argues that strategy is really about making choices that are impossible to reverse or un-do, and that the greatest risks to implementing strategy often rests in

Creating the Agile IT Organisation

IT organisations have changed, are changing and will continue to change. This is not in question. What is different today is the pace and significance of change, whether it is driven by a move to shared services, offshore development, cloud …

The Challenges of Horizontal Integration

David Trafford discusses the challenges facing organisations that aim to be more horizontally integrated. He argues that whilst many leadership teams see the benefits of horizontal integration, they don’t fully understand the implications of the resultant changes and what needs

Improving IT Service Delivery

One of the most challenging aspects of running an IT organisation today is improving the delivery of IT services. Not only is there the ever-present need to improve service quality and reduce cost, but the expectations of IT users are …

Leadership Implications of Business-IT Convergence

Vaughan Merlyn argues that the goal of IT-enabled enterprises is no longer Business-IT Alignment, but Business-IT Convergence. He not only gives an historical perspective to this argument, but discusses the implications of this trend for business and IT leaders alike.

Dispelling the Myths about Innovation

Peter Boggis discusses what makes one organisation try out new ideas while others are content with how things are. He argues that innovation can be developed as an organisational capability and the first step is to dispel the myths about

Building Organisational Agility

For most organisations, change is the norm: whether it is the integration of the latest acquisition; replacing legacy IT systems with modern integrated business platforms; outsourcing to an offshore provider or delivering day-to-day business improvements. As Heraclitus the Greek philosopher …