Operating Model Performance is Defined by its Design

David Trafford argues that the performance of an enterprise is dependent upon its operating model, and that the performance of the operating model is defined by its design. As operating models are multi-faceted the design choices include how work is

The Challenges of Horizontal Integration

David Trafford discusses the challenges facing organisations that aim to be more horizontally integrated. He argues that whilst many leadership teams see the benefits of horizontal integration, they don’t fully understand the implications of the resultant changes and what needs

Horizontal Enterprise Integration Remains a Priority for Many CIOs

For all the good work that has been done over the years through process reengineering and implementation of enterprise systems, the reality is that most organisations remain siloed. In many corporations their divisions and business units operate largely autonomously with …

Achieving the Dual Goals of Innovation and Horizontal Integration through Business Platforms

Not surprisingly, as we continue to emerge in the western world from this latest and deepest economic recession, private and public sector organisations are being required to re-visit and fundamentally challenge once again ‘the way we do things around here’. …

Business Architecture: The Link between Target Business Outcomes and Change Programmes

Distinction between outcomes and deliverables

Experienced programme managers know that their change initiatives should be outcomes-based. Ideally framed around a balance scorecard, the outcomes define what will be in place when a change programme is completed. In many respects outcomes …