Beyond Default – Setting Your Organisation on a Trajectory to an Improved Future

Beyond Default book coverHave you ever wondered where your organisation is headed? Have you ever asked yourself why some organisations are more successful than others? Have you ever reflected on why once-great companies no longer exist and others are a shadow of their former selves?

While management fads can bring some short-term benefit, they rarely deliver the sustained success their advocates promised. Equally, while the calibre of an organisation’s leadership is important, along with the strategies they pursue, they in themselves are not the answer to the question.

This book argues there is something more fundamental at play and that organisations are on a given trajectory – taking them to their default future – for a reason. Only by understanding and addressing the factors that are determining the current trajectory will leaders stand any chance of developing strategies and transformation programmes that are likely to successfully change their organisation’s trajectory – to one that leads to a better future.

This book, by two experienced strategy consultants, offers a different perspective on developing and operationalising strategy. A perspective that begins by identifying and assessing the factors that define an organisation’s current trajectory, and the default future it will bring. Only then can other trajectories be explored and an informed choice made on the target trajectory.

The book will be published on 7 September 2017 by LID Publishing and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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