Creating the Agile IT Organisation

IT organisations have changed, are changing and will continue to change. This is not in question. What is different today is the pace and significance of change, whether it is driven by a move to shared services, offshore development, cloud computing or package-based solutions, there is a constant need for IT organisations to be more flexible and better able to sense and respond to changing business conditions.

While there is no shortage of ideas on what changes to implement, many IT organisations find it difficult to incorporate one set of changes before the next new idea presents itself. Equally, many are attempting to incorporate so many changes that it’s difficult for them to see the inter-dependencies and take a holistic view of how the whole should operate. As a result, many changes take longer to implement than planned and fail to deliver the full expected value.

The ability to incorporate new ideas faster and coherently is therefore an increasingly important issue for many IT leaders. So what can be done to make the IT organisation more agile and better able to incorporate new ideas faster?

The following slideshow is Formicio’s point of view on making IT organisations more agile. It argues that IT agility is an organisational capability that can be developed or destroyed by the actions of leaders, and that organisations are more likely to be agile if they adopt agile operating principles. The point of view has developed and evolved over many years. We hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

Creating the Agile IT Organisation

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