Improving IT Service Delivery

One of the most challenging aspects of running an IT organisation today is improving the delivery of IT services. Not only is there the ever-present need to improve service quality and reduce cost, but the expectations of IT users are changing and becoming more demanding. Additionally advances in technology (eg tablets, virtualisation and cloud computing) create new opportunities that must be translated into business value.

In order to meet this challenge IT leadership teams not only need to be talented and experienced, but must have a shared point of view based on contemporary thinking. Embracing a set of shared values and beliefs, a point of view forms the basis of a change plan and makes the implicit, explicit. It also facilitates collective leadership that in turn builds a ‘star organisation’ rather than an ‘organisation of stars’.

The following slideshow presentation also contains a point of view on improving IT service delivery that the Formicio team has developed and evolved over many years.

Improving IT Service Delivery

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David Trafford