Programme and Project Quality Assurance

Ensuring that the conditions for successful delivery are in place and maintained.

QandA figureThe project delivery challenge: Delivering projects – particularly those aimed at implementing strategy – remains a challenge; one where the success rate has not improved over the past 25 years. Numerous studies confirm what we already know, that in all probability your project will not deliver its intended outcomes. According to John P Kotter, Professor Emeritus at the Harvard Business School, only about 5% of large-scale transformational change projects are successful.

Our point of view: While most approaches to improving project success focus on improving the ‘mechanics’ of project management and the skills of project managers, our view is that the underlying reason that the majority of projects do not deliver their intended outcomes is that the core conditions for success are either not established at the outset or maintained throughout the project. Furthermore, our view is that the role of Programme and Project Assurance is to assess the degree to which these conditions are in place and make appropriate, independent and objective recommendations for action to the project’s governing body – which is usually the Steering Group or Executive Board.

Our experience: We have experience of working on both sides of a project, both as programme or project managers and quality assurance assessors. Over the years we have conducted quality assurance assessments on IT re-platforming projects, shared services initiatives, joint ventures, organisational change and cultural change programmes.