Executive Leadership Development

Developing new insights and capabilities through experiential learning.

Confucius figure 2The learning challenge: On the one hand all leaders know that their people need to develop and their organisation needs new capabilities to operationalise their strategy. On the other hand, they are frustrated that traditional approaches to executive education and leadership development are often too theoretical, too academic and not tailored to the real-world challenges their organisation faces.

Our point of view on learning: We believe that senior managers, executives and leaders learn from their experiences – rather than being taught in a conventional sense. We call this ‘Experiential Learning’ and it typically involves custom-built programmes – Learning Journeys – where participants gain fresh insights by visiting other organisations within and outside their industry. And most importantly, then applying these insights to their own context within their organisation.

Our experience: We have designed and delivered customised Learning Journeys for senior executive teams for specific organisations across a range of industries, including steel, mining, financial services, automotive, distribution and healthcare. The success of these Learning Journeys was measured by our clients in terms of the effectiveness of the resulting strategies they developed and their ability to lead major change programmes within their organisation.