Our Approach

“The great thing in this world, is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are going.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Senior, 1809-1894

Our approach is based upon the belief that all organisations are on a trajectory taking them to a given future. This is also the case for functional units of an organisation like, IT, manufacturing, research and HR.

In some cases this may be a target future based upon a given strategy, in others it will be a default future – which is the place the organisation will end up if no action is taken, other than that currently planned. If the default future is acceptable, then there is no need to take action. If the default future is unacceptable, then a new strategy needs to be developed.

We believe that the purpose of strategy is to articulate the choices made and the actions required to successfully change an organisation’s trajectory away from its default future to a target future.

We also believe that strategies should be operationalised rather than implemented. By this we mean that the strategy is realised by the organisation pulling itself to its target future rather than being pushed. This requires a context where people can intellectually, emotionally and physically engage in turning strategic intent into operational reality.

Our style of consulting is collaborative, and our value comes from the processes, insights and experiences we bring. Our focus always is on helping our clients find solutions that work in their context.

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  • Formicio at a glance

    • Formicio was founded in 2010 by a group of highly experienced consultants and executives, who want to help organisations improve their future.
    • We provide thought leadership and thought partnership on all aspects of assessing, developing and operationalising strategy.
    • We aim to share our insights and experience in all that we do.
    • We are based in central London, with consultants in the UK, Switzerland and the USA.
    • We work with corporations and public bodies around the world.
    • Our name comes from two Latin words, FORMO (to form or shape) and PROFICIO (to advance, make progress, benefit, contribute).